Cosmetic services for residents in Tampa, FL

Excision of Skin Lesions:

Dr. Lebowitz has 30 years of experience in treating several types of skin lesions. These include moles, minor skin cancers, skin tags, warts and many other skin lesions. We have a variety of ways that these lesions can be removed. In our office we have an Ellman Surgitron that removes skin lumps and bumps using radiofrequency. This means no scalpels and no sutures! Lesions can be removed in just a few minutes. For more complicated skin cancers, we still can use the scalpel and wide excision method. Dr. Lebowitz has performed skin lesion removals for 30 years. The tissue specimens are all sent to a Pathologist for review.

For warts and certain venereal diseases (condyloma on the penis and vulva), we use cryotherapy. This procedure freezes the lesions that causes the skin lesions to disintegrate.


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Weight Loss

We have a medically supervised weight loss program. This includes an ongoing consultation with a Physician, FDA approved appetite suppressants, and MIC-combo injections. We offer Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave and other medications, for weight loss in qualified patients.

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